Just Try and Keep Up!

As I sit at home relaxing with my family, I begin to see something very odd. My 10 year old cousin and my mother taking “selfies” together to post on their Facebook and Instagram pages, ridiculous, I know. Although I become slightly annoyed seeing as how I have been run off Facebook by my underaged family members requesting to be my friend and my elders continuously inviting me to play a Facebook game, I noticed something.  Social media is changing the world we live in and we can either adapt or get left behind.

Social medias are being used for more than entertainment purposes, they are being used to connect, networking, marketing and more. I’m sure most people are able to get the hang of using social medias to connect with old friends and family members, but using social medias for business can be difficult to keep up with. This article gives examples of different parts of social medias that are constantly changing.

The article focuses on these 4 social media parts:

1.) Social Media Visuals
2.) Social Media Customer Support
3.) Social Media Visuals
4.) Social Media Strategy

Not only does the article give some insight on how these social media parts work, but also gives ways that users can adapt to the changes and use social medias efficiently.

Social medias are constantly changing to keep up with competition and society.   There also seems to always be a new social media outlets on the rise. Business need to be ready for anything and certainly ready to adapt in 2015.

Although I REFUSE to add anymore of my family members on my social media outlets, it is good to see everyone adapting to the change that this world is undergoing.



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