Social Media . . . and Yoga?

The tongue is the strongest muscle in the body (I’m not sure I’m convinced this is actually true). I do, however, believe this is figuratively true. Our words let us express feeling, seek personal justice, discuss opinions, develop and destroy relationships. Words hold power.

Social media has shaken up the dance floor. Paper and word-of-mouth can’t keep up with the relevance and timeliness of Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and WordPress. This article proves a lot of people get their news (and thus, opinions) from said media.

So what does this mean for a yoga instructor?

Besides the fact Shanna Haun is so much more than just a yoga instructor, I’m confident she can conquer the yoga world. The girl has written a book and has so much knowledge on the topic. The best part? She really, genuinely cares about her students and all fellow yogis.

As a Social Media & PR class, how do we see social media benefiting Shanna?

Here are a few (possible) ways:

  1. Get her name out there!

Shanna has a story to tell and has such valuable and vital information for fitness gurus. But first, people have to know about her! Between the hashtags, retweets, Facebook shares and YouTube videos, there is opportunity.

  1. Establish & communicate her brand

Alignment is her thing and from what I understand – it’s of utmost importance. She also emphasized the value in students feeling safe and comfortable in a class. Shanna cares about others.

We also threw around the idea of narrowing down usernames and websites to lessen confusion when exploring all things Shanna.

  1. Research

If there’s one thing Dr. Horn taught us, it’s to always keep the audience in mind. Hashtags serve this purpose well; searching #yogi, #yoga, #igyogifamily or #yogacommunity, it’s easy to see what people are thinking, feeling and actually doing about yoga. There’s great opportunity for interaction between Shanna and yogis around the world.

Here’s to learning, collaborating and maybe doing some yoga ourselves!



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