Staying Relevant in the Age of Technology

A few years ago, my grandma got an iPad. These days, most people own a tablet or computer of some sort, but not my grandma. A child of the Great Depression and survivor of the Dust Bowl, Bernice is the last person to be seen holding a piece of highly intelligent technology. Yet here she is, sending emails and liking my Facebook posts. I think this says something about the world we live in today: Technology and social media have become so integrated into how the world communicates to the point that everyone has to adapt.

Social media is no longer just a fun way to pass the time; it is an essential tool that can bring a business to the next level. Sadly, many business owners don’t know how to utilize this tool, or –gasp– don’t use it at all. As future PR pros, it is our job to communicate the benefits of social media to our superiors, and if we don’t, we run the risk of a failing business.

Hootsuite posted this article listing the benefits of using a social media strategy in business. This list is a good resource for when you have to communicate with your boss on why his business needs a Twitter account. Aside from those benefits, just having a social media presence in general will show you are working to stay relevant and (hopefully) engaged with your audience.

Staying relevant to your audience is deeply important, especially in this age where technology is changing nearly every week. A business won’t succeed if it doesn’t have its ear to the tracks listening for what its audience is up to. Social media will not only make you relevant, it will give you a tool to communicate with your audience and see what’s next.

So, next time your grandma leaves an obnoxious comment in all caps on your profile picture, don’t be upset. Instead, enjoy the fact that she is more on top of social media than many businesses are.



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