No Rules Allowed

One size does not fit all. This article courtesy of BuzzFeed proves it. But I’m not writing about the kind of terrible clothing industry. Rather, like clothes, blogging styles, rules and trends don’t fit every blogger to the T.

Where are bloggers getting rules anyway? Isn’t a blog the place you actually have no boss? I’ve highlighted a few rules to break found in this PR Daily article.

Keep posts under 300 words
I can agree that the average person’s attention span sucks. BUT – what about the people that really, really care and look to you for information, are influenced by you or just really like reading? Write what you need to say without a ton of extra babbling with some passion and you’re golden.

Stick to a rigid publishing schedule
This doesn’t mean you can’t use a scheduled publishing tool. It does mean that people probably aren’t setting alarms on their phone to check your blog at a specific time every day. Leave some mystery in the relationship!

Be edgy
Compared to what? Be yourself. If you write like you talk, write that way (which may break another writing rule). Again – your passion and expertise will speak for itself. People like authenticity.

Social media has replaced blogging – forget about it

It’s all about subscribers
Our friend Shanna Haun may not have all the blog subscribers she wants lining up at her door (after all – that would be creepy), but that doesn’t mean people aren’t reading the blog. I follow around 10 blogs closely and subscribe to none. If it’s good and interests me, I’m going to bookmark it either in my mind or on my computer. It can be hard to measure success in subscriptions.

Be brave, daring and yourself. Find out what works for your blog and audience. Rules are made to be broken. Except the speed limit – you’ll have to pay for that one.



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