The 10 Commandments of . . . .BLOGGING?

When I first got familiar with the “blogging” world, I had no idea how everything worked or even where to start. At first, I was not even sure what the point of “blogging” was. After getting schooled in blogging by fellow peers I started to get the hang of things. I came across this article that I thought would be helpful to those who may be new to blogging or just may have lost their touch.  It list 10 thoughts ( commandments) that bloggers should think about and live by when creating and maintaining a blog.

1.) Thou shall write every day
Setting aside some time a day and writing down all your thoughts and things that you want to touch base on could help keep up with blogs.  By writing a lot you will be able to find your true passion and can run with it.
2.) Thou shall publish once a week
A writer needs to maintain their blog and do not neglect it. It feeds off your thoughts and requires attention. Keep the content fresh and exciting, make the readers want to know more and follow.
3.) Thou shall build an email list
By building and email list it allows a writer to gain a better connection with their readers. Their readers are a huge part in their success in the blogging world. The will become “sharers, leads, and sales.” Keep them updated on the important things
4.) Thou shall track everything
By installing Google Analytics on your blog you will be able to see what is attractive to readers and who it is attracting. You will be able to see what your readers are more interested in and can continue to write things that are relatable and entertaining to them.
5.) Thou shall sell something
Use your blog to sell. Depending on what you’re trying to offer or sell to your readers, use your blog to educate. This is a place where you work on your product.
6.) Thou shall use social media wisely
Divide your time evenly between social medias and blogging. Do not spend more time tweeting and not blogging or vise versa. Use both outlets strategically. Possibly use twitter to direct followers to blog.
7.) Thou shall look GREAT
An unattractive blog just isn’t going to cut it. Readers will see how outdated and uninviting your blog may be and….RUN
8.) Thou shall ask for action
Don’t be afraid to ask. By getting readers to take action you can gather more followers and get more shares than you’d ever imagine.
9.) Thou shall love SEO
It may be confusing, but SEO could bring you a lot of traffic. Get familiar
10.) Thou shall remember you blog is only a marketing tool
Although you may have a a great blog, whatever your selling will not survive on the blog ALONE. It is a very helpful TOOL.

Although there are many more ways to keep up a good blog, I thought this as a good foundation that bloggers should live by.



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