Lets Make a Connection

Although most times people use social medias for their own personal use, there is so much more that can come from using social medias. Engaging with other is surely a way to success in social medias. By engaging with others it allows companies to see what consumers and different audiences really want or like.

This article gives 5 tips on how to help build connections on your social medias.

1.) Leave meaningful or humorous comments on peoples photos or blog post: By actually reading their captions and comments, you will be able to leave your own comment and get involved in the conversations. It is important to go back and check to see if there were any responses. This can also help get different opinions and insights into different topics.

2.) Cross promote your followers’ articles : Share, share, share. It is important that when you find an article or post that you think others can relate to or could start a good discussion, share it with them. Also, by sharing articles and post to your followers, authors may notice and be appreciate and return a favor.

3.) Choose favorites : The “favorite” and “retweet” button is your friend. By hitting these buttons it allows other to notice what you’re liking and can engage in conversations. Also, when you favor and retweet others tweets it allows the authors to notice that that you are following and appreciating what they are posting.

4.) Start chatting : Start chatting it up with other users. By getting involved in different conversations it will once again allow you to see what different audiences. “The best chats are those that focus on the audience, not about direct sales.”

5.) Take online, offline: Once you are able to make a connection online, make sure you continue that connection offline and in the real world. At this time in the world it is nice to have social medias to make connections with people in an easier form, however, there is nothing like a face to face connection that you can make with people. You can reach out to people over social medias and arrange a social event to bring certain people together.

Now that there has been a few guidelines given out, one could be a little more prepared to jump right into the social media world and use it effectively and not just for personal use.

“Social media is not just a one-way conversation.”



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