Rules of Engagement?! Say What?

As an organization or a business social media is a vital tool for success. A lot of times, especially with companies that are led by “old school” personnel, social media isn’t used either consistently, intended or wisely.

When I think of social media engagement, the dos and don’ts, one particular organization, that shall not be named, comes to my mind. I’ve worked with this organization for a short time. My role there was to help them with social media. Long story short, they didn’t want to take any recommendations and continue their regular social media practices. Okay, fine.

Don’t be them, and actually take social media seriously. It’ll be a very important tool for your company.

The Book Social Media Marketing: A Strategic Approach lists nine rules of social media engagement, and offers 21, but in my opinion there are some more important than others.

Favorite # 1:

Use social media as intended.

A company or organization has to be aware that whatever they posts must, and most of all, SHOULD reflect their values and mission. Too often do I see, especially small organizations, use their Facebook page to post personal things. Not only is that unprofessional, but it can “clog up” someone’s news feed with unnecessary, unimportant and annoying “stuff.” KEEP YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE PROFESSIONAL AND ONLY USE IT WHAT IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE USED FOR.

Favorite # 2:

Have a personality.

A lot of times I look through Twitter and see messages that are monotone, impersonal and boring. When I see that, I lose interest in the organization or company. I find it “attractive” when I read a post or tweet that sounds casual, upbeat and exciting. KEEP IN MIND: PEOPLE READ HUNDERDS OF TWEETS/POSTS A DAY, MAKE YOURS STAND OUT.

Favorite # 3:

Talk about the topic.

It’s super easy to involve the community in an online conversation. If you want to know what people think about a certain fundraiser idea, product flavor, color, etc., involve them. Ask them. Call for action. It’s as simple as: “We’re launching new head phones soon. What colors do you want to buy? #beats #technology…” That can spark a chain reaction of retweets and replies/comments. But that’s what you should want. DON’T BE AFRAID TO INTERACT WITH THE PEOPLE WHO BUY, WOULD BUY, OR COULD BUY YOUR PRODUCT.

Now my fellow social media lovers, or newbies, take a moment before you decide to create a social media platform, or before you post. Make sure you are consistent with posting, and always, always think “what would they want to hear/see.” That’s a pretty good rule of thumb to follow.



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