Why Permission Marketing Is The Best Marketing

There are two types of marketing: permission and interruption. Interruption marketing is more of an old-school type of marketing, and includes television or radio ads, magazine ads, etc. It forces the listener/viewer to pay attention to the message. Permission marketing, however, is when people agree to pay attention to the message being sent. They choose to follow or like an account or sign up for email alerts. Social media marketing falls under the category of permission marketing.

To me, there is only one true benefit to interruption marketing, as stated in this article: quick results. The people that you want to see it are going to be forced to see it right away. Other than that, it seems like interruption marketing is more annoying than anything. Just think of when you’re listening to a station on Pandora; don’t you hate when you’re interrupted by those ads that aren’t relevant to you at all? There isn’t even a target audience. Pandora just has random ads that come on at random times, and most of them aren’t of any interest to you. People are going to pay less attention to them because they’re interrupting their music and forcing them to listen something they don’t care about. On top of that, interruption marketing can be a lot more expensive than permission marketing because of the cost of advertisements.

But then there is permission marketing. Sure, the results take a lot more time to see, but in the long run it is worth it. Regular advertising shows up for a certain amount of time, while social media marketing bounces around the internet for who knows how long. It gets shared from person to person and essentially never dies. It’s a lot cheaper than interruption advertising, because a lot of it just relies on word of mouth. Make one blog post and a thousand people pass it on to their friends, who pass it on to their friends, etc. You can build relationships with your audience, which brings me to my point that you can even target your audience! Your post about the Super Bowl can be specifically targeted to sports lovers instead of forcing people who have no clue how many points a touchdown is worth to read it.

Permission marketing is targeted. It’s not just blindly throwing something out there and hoping that someone will latch onto it. You know who you want to see it, and you’re aiming for specific results.



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