Buzzfeed: eating e-books and white papers for breakfast

Buzzfeed is totally rocking the article thing – more so than any newspaper or e-book. They’re the King of the article marketing world and they need a crown.

We all have some wisdom to glean from Buzzfeed, well-illustrated in this article. Main points coming at ya:

  1. Use numbered lists to keep things concise and easy to read

So far I’m winning at rule number one. Buzzfeed ALWAYS (most of the time) uses lists in their articles. They arrange their content in an easy, clear format which appeals to short attention spans (audience: everyone).

  1. Target a specific demographic

Of course there are the articles titled, “21 Little Satisfying Things Every ‘90s Kid Did,” which are obviously purposed to relate and tug at the ‘90s kids heart strings. More genius, perhaps, are the sponsored articles like this one. The thought is that people who love their bed or have trouble sleeping would read the article only to get to the bottom and see an advertisement by Casper mattresses. Buzzfeed is heavily sprinkled with these kinds of sponsored articles.

  1. Create Interesting, Tweetable Headlines

20 Reasons To Hop On A Plane To Argentina Right Now? We Know Why You’re Single? How can you NOT read/tweet those?

  1. Evoke An Emotional Response

Tell stories! Buzzfeed makes people laugh a lot with articles like, “11 Cats Poised For World Domination,” cry for, “Chapel Hill Shooting Victims: A Tale of Love, Marriage And Tragedy,” and say “AW!” with an article like, “11 Truths About Love You Should Never Forget.” Make people feel something.

  1. Keep Producing Content

I follow many blogs and sites like Buzzfeed. It is forever and always a safe bet that Buzzfeed has produced a new article since my last visit; therefore, it stays on my go-to list. It doesn’t fade away because I have to wait so long for new content. After all – with content THAT well marketed and written, you basically have to exist forever and give the people what they want.

Will Buzzfeed run out of things to write about? Will people stop reading Buzzfeed articles? Will there ever be enough cat articles? Not likely.

Buzzfeed on, friends.



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