Don’t Forget the Pic!

Photo sharing has been around for some time now, however, not everyone has come to use it to its best abilities.  When I was first introduced to the photo sharing concept I only felt as though it would be used to share funny pictures to friends and family.  However, as I get older and social media evolves, there is so much more to photo sharing.  Yes, it is always fun to see goofy pictures that your share with you on facebook, instagram, or twitter, but it is time to expand your horizons.

Photo sharing has become a huge marketing tool and some don’t even realize how helpful it can be.  By just posting a picture along with a few comments explaining what is going on in the picture allows audience to become more intrigued.  Not only is this very helpful to businesses, but it is one of the easiest things to possibly do now days.  There is no need to carry a digital camera and computer around in order to upload pictures on the internet.  As long as you have your smartphone and your social media apps, you’re good to go.

This article I found describes the age we live in as the “camera in everyone’s pocket.”   This just goes to show that smartphones are used to create a different buzz every minute.  The article goes into explain the three phases of the visual culture and language.  The article also gives six reasons as to why a user should include images in their post.

The six reasons focus on the statistics that come from post and their feedback.  I personally think that adding photos to your social media post will catch more eyes than just words.  In 2015 everyone wants to see proof, they want to see what things are looking like, they want to see that actual picture to make sure it matches with the picture that they made up in their head.

At this time, when it comes to social media, the images MATTER!  It could be the deciding factor.  Your audience could keep on scrolling past your 140 characters, or can be intrigued by the perfectly angled picture you attached to the post.



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