Is Your Audience on Instagram? Probably.

Instagram within an Instagram

Instagram within an Instagram

Sharing photos online is nothing new. My Facebook is full of embarrassing proof that seventh grade me figured out early on how easy it is to upload pictures–and that was ages ago.  Yes, photo sharing is easy, but the way we share today is changing at a more rapid pace than it used to. Right now, Instagram is the place to be. It is still highly used by younger generations, but it is following the footsteps of Facebook in the way that older users are starting to catch on. Is this social media giant the place for your company to be? There’s a good chance.

Just today, as I scrolled through Instagram, it recommended that I follow “BeerYoga,” an account dedicated to beer and yoga. If that’s not a niche audience, then I don’t know what is. Let this be a good sign for your business however, that if there are enough yogis out there who like to sip a brew while they stretch, then your audience is probably on Instagram, too.

This blog post by Carrie Kerpen gives us the pros and cons of being a business on Instagram. The cons list may look longer, but the pros still outweigh them. Instagram posts do not allow links in their content, nor can you use it with programs like Hootsuite, but Instagram also boasts a more engaged audience than any other social media site except Facebook.

Instagram does not have paid advertising–yet–so this is not a platform where you can pay to get views. What your success comes down to is creativity. Post content that is fun and eye-catching. Make it pretty. Engage with your audience by responding to or even reposting their pictures.

While Instagram is a fairly young social media site that is probably not fully evolved, there are countless people in your audience waiting to be engaged.



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