Photo Sharing As Marketing TooI


I’m sitting at Panera Bread, eating late lunch, wondering what to write about. I know the chapter is about photo sharing, but nothing comes to my mind. I stare off into space, take my phone out and decide to take a picture of the delicious cinnamon roll that’s right in front of me. Sadly it’s my fiancé’s cinnamon roll, not mine. I “spice” up the picture on Instagram and post it.

DING. DING. DING. I can write about how restaurants use photo sharing sites as a marketing tool. Whether it’s the restaurant sharing the images, or customers – IT’S CALLED MARKETING.

How many times, in one day, do you see people taking pictures of their food and #foodporn it? I’m sure if they are at a restaurant they’ll also #PaneraBread it. That’s what I did. When you look up the hashtag PaneraBread, you wouldn’t believe your eyes. It’s like people live at that place. They take pictures of EVERYTHING.

See the second picture from the left…that’s mine 🙂


Aaron Allen talks about how restaurants use photo sharing in different ways, including contests and behind the scene looks. But restaurants also can simply encourage you to tweet, or share your meal on Instagram, by reminding you with a little tri-fold on the table. By encouraging their customers to post and share images of their food, they basically get free marketing. In fact, they make money off of us marketing their food.

Panera Bread posts pictures of their menu items, as well as memes that include food in the image.


Applebee’s rolled out a new menu, the Pub Diet, and they encourage customers to post their pics of their new Pub Diet.

Screenshot_2015-02-18-17-02-48(1)I find it incredibly interesting how many of us take pictures of our food and post it. If the image looks good, you’re more like to go to that restaurant, or buy the food that was hastagged.

I’m going to end this post with a screenshot of my Instagram. I post about food, including supplements – which to me are food.


Happy Instagramming,



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