Is Monitoring Important ? YES !

Who knew monitoring would become so important on social media? Who knew there would be a bunch of ways to easily monitor a brand’s social media? NOT ME, until now.

Keeping an eye on a brands social media channels is becoming more and more crucial for companies to be successful. Monitoring a brands social media is way more than just making sure their brand is posting the correct things, its about building and maintaining your brand. By using social media, a brand can receive positive or negative feedback at any time. All of this feedback can help build a brand tremendously, you just have to watch it.

This article gives five reasons as to why monitoring social media is essential for PR.

The first reason being that public relations is all about interpretation and anticipation of the public and their attitudes on things. By monitoring social medias it allows brands to take a look at all the feedback from consumers, negative or positive, and grow from them. If the feed back is negative it will allow the brand to jump up and fix the problem that they are getting the negative feedback from. By doing this, a brand could possibly prevent a future crisis.

The second reason being that social media monitoring is crucial during the marketing research. In order to to find a companies target audience they need to monitor their social media pages in order to find out what their online habits are.

The third reason is by social media monitoring a company can reply back to their customers. Companies can be interactive with their customers and once they post about a problem they may be having the company can instantly get back to them.

The fourth reason being that watching social medias can help companies in the future. They can provide information that can tell companies which social media were most effective and had the most post. They also determine which topics drove conversations between their consumers.

The last reason is that social media monitoring is a good way to turn complaints and negative feedback into positive publicly. After a company may get a bad review by someone on social media, by talking with them publicly and finding a way to make things better for the customer, it will allow other users to see how important it to the company to satisfy the customer.

There are plenty of social media monitoring websites, some that cost money and some that are completely free. It is up to the company to realize that motoring social media can be one of the most important things they can do to help build their company.


PR people aka little spies

So you want to travel to Italy. You probably won’t search for airplane tickets on Facebook. You won’t check your availability on your watch.

Similarly, as PR people, we won’t find the answers to social media engagement at the bottom of an apple juice box.

We can’t look for information in the wrong places. Without proper monitoring, our client’s social media efforts can find its way to the landfill.

If you’re not monitoring, you’re missing the point. Let a Mashable article tell us why we need some major eyes on our consumers (and fellow companies):

Crisis Management
Thanks to Adam Horn, we all know how stressful a crisis can be. How does an airline handle a crash? How does a school district handle a school shooting? A sex scandal? These are the extremes, but even the “smallest” should be considered a big deal and be given the same attention. Social media monitoring allows a company to analyze consumer thoughts before, during and after any crisis. Do people agree with what the media may be telling them? Do people still want to engage with your company? Finding and addressing opinions on social media ensures a quick response – control the crisis.

Influencer Identification
We have to know what platform is most relevant and helpful in certain situations. This goes back to the landfill thing – our efforts are trash unless administered correctly. Look where people engage most heavily

Building Relationships with Media and Customers
A response from a brand speaks volumes. Monitoring the conversation surrounding your company demands response.

As for reporters, the relationship is key. Engaging in real life with some lets others feel more comfortable reaching out for a story.

If you’re not willing to make friends, get out of your job (but what do I know?)

Creative Feedback and Ad Targeting
After online shopping (browsing) for clothes I can’t and shouldn’t buy, the store’s ads are EVERYWHERE. AND! it is featuring the beautiful dress I was just looking at!

It’s sort of weird. I can’t deny that it hasn’t pulled me back in either. They’re using tools such as Hootsuite, Social Mention or PinAlerts to follow our every click . . .

Give the people what they want! But don’t be creepy . . .


Why and How to Monitor Social Media



In today’s world, we spend many hours on social media. People use social media personally and professionally. It is important to monitor social media in both circumstances, but it especially critical in a professional setting/business.

Monitoring social media can help you understand your customers, competitors and your own social media strategy – if you have one – which you should as a business.

Below is a short list of reasons why you, as a business, should monitor your social media platforms. You can find the entire article here.

  1. Is Your Social Media Plan Working For You? (not listed in above article)

    First things first. If you have created a social media campaign or social media plan, you want to evaluate regularly to ensure your plan is being carried out the way you hoped.
    If you’re not gaining the followers you planned on, or if you’re not posting as much as you wanted to, or if you don’t see any unique visitors, then it might be a good idea to rethink your plan/strategies.
  2. Respond to Complaints and Praises

    With Web2.0 it is incredibly important that you always monitor what your customers have to say to and about you. Just a couple of negative comments can set a snowball effect of negative comments, as well as a decrease in sales, followers, etc.
    Make sure that you comment on the complaint and praise. Consumers like to see a brand being active and proactive.
  3. What’s What

    Be aware of which social media platform works best for your brand/company. If you notice Facebook is more active than your Twitter, then either

    a) Rethink your social media plan/strategies
    b) Use Facebook to drive more people to your Twitter as well

  4. Monitor Competition

    How many like brands are on social media? Do you follow them? Do you read their posts/blogs/tweets?
    All this is very important for you as a brand/business. Now I’m not encouraging you to copy them, but compare them to yourself or vice versa. Fix what needs to be fixed accordingly – that doesn’t mean you have to fix anything.


There are many ways of monitoring your social media. There are tools that make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to gathering all the info you need to successfully monitor your social media. Online you can find and article about the Top 10 Social Media Monitoring Tools.

My favorite tools are:

  1. Google Analytics

    Google Analytics will monitor the traffic on your social media. It shows you how many people clicked on a certain post, where the people were from and even how long they were on that specific post/page. There are a lot more benefits if you use Google Analytics. It’s fairly simple to set up, although I recommend it more for brands/businesses who have many different, active social media accounts.

  2. Hootsuite

    Hootsuite is an amazing tool. It lets you schedule social media posts, as well as track and monitor social media. There are different versions of it. The free version is plenty for a small to midsize business.

Now that you know why you should monitor social media, and how you can social media, I hope you have loads of fun exploring.

Happy Monitoring,


Why should I monitor my social media?

Having unmonitored social media accounts is best described by our textbook as being a ship at sea without any kind of navigation or radar. It’s like blindly putting everything out there and just kinda hoping the magic happens itself. Unfortunately, it’s just not that easy!

Cision gives some really great benefits to monitoring your accounts. The process of tracking and measuring your social media may sound kind of complicated, but it’s entirely worth it in the end and an absolute must if you want to improve your brand.

  • Respond to complaints – this is my favorite benefit. By paying attention to what’s happening with your accounts, you can quickly see any customer issues and take care of them before they become even bigger problems. Your customers will appreciate that you took their complaints seriously, and you’ll be able to prevent negative news about your brand spreading around the internet.
  • Manage any crisis – this is pretty similar to the last one, but is very important because as soon as something bad happens, you can hit your accounts and start working on your crisis plan. Some of the worst crises have been managed well by simply updating your audience on what’s going on and how you plan on fixing it.
  • Monitor the competition – the easiest way to check out what your competitors are doing is by seeing what they’re posting and what other people are saying about them! Their accounts will be just as transparent as yours; you can see exactly what they’re up to from an audience perspective.

These are just a few of the reasons you should be monitoring your social media accounts. You can have all the strategies and tactics you want, but without means to measure your success, how do you know if you are successful? Take the time to measure your likes and comments or the conversations surrounding your brand. It will be well worth it in the end.


A blog post about gardening

Spring is finally here, which means it’s time to get outside, breathe in the fresh air and start planting a garden.

Olivia, this is a social media blog. Why are you talking about gardening?

Stick with me.

Imagine you have just planted a beautiful garden filled with flowers, vegetables and herbs. You love your garden and have invested a lot of time into planting everything. Then, as weeks go by, you slowly begin to neglect your garden. You don’t water it, don’t pull out weeds and you don’t defend it from pests. At harvest time, you’re shocked at the state of your garden. The plants are shriveled and eaten by insects. All of your hard work planting the garden was a waste.

Okay, sorry for the long analogy. The sad truth is, this same scenario can easily be seen in many social media strategies that companies use. Why waste time setting up a social media presence if you don’t plan on taking care of it and, most importantly, monitoring it?

There are a lot of ways to monitor what is going on in the social media world. From a simple Google search of your company’s name to advanced software, you can easily keep tabs on what is going on in your industry and who is talking about you.

Here are some easy (and less expensive ways) to monitor your social media. Let’s keep going along with the gardening theme and say we are a seed company.

A Google search-Search everything from your company name to your industry to your competition. Oh yeah, did I mention social media monitoring is a must if you want to know what your competition is doing? Use Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) to make your search results more relevant.

Hashtags-This is a great way to find more specific things your audience is talking about. A search of #springtime or #gardening will bring up a lot of relevant posts that you can either get involved with by interacting or just using it as research. Also search your company name on these platforms to see what kind of mentions you are getting.

Fancy software- Brandwatch posted a list of the top 10 free social media monitoring tools. Is anyone surprised that HootSuite is number one? Many of these sites are so easy to use and do most of the work for you. This is a definite must and many offer advanced options if you are willing to pay (consider it an investment.)

These strategies do your company good just like watering and weeding are good for your garden. You can weed out any problems, like an issue with one of your products, and “water” your social media accounts by creating stronger relationships that result in better business.

Okay, maybe the analogy got out of hand. Either way, definitely monitor your social media.


Just Keep Monitoring, Just Keep Monitoring

Since social media is on the move, it is time for companies to roll with it. Companies need to use social media to their advantage and the only way to do this is to monitor their social medias. I know, I know, who wants to do all the work that it takes to monitor social media, but it will be worth it! I promise! This article list five reasons as to why monitoring your social medias will be beneficial to your business.

The first reason being that monitoring your social medias will help you understand just exactly where you stand. Although the audience on social media can be tough, it would be nice to know what your consumers truly think of you and your company.

The second reason will allow you to jump at opportunities. A company should look at social media users as potential customers. With monitoring social medias it will allow brands to reach out to their customers. The article used the example of if a company is selling coffee,and a user post about their need for caffeine, that organization can reach out to them and put their brand name in users minds. It is all about going the extra mile.

The third reason is being crisis control. Social media can get ugly very quickly so companies cannot let users trash their reputations. When dealing with a upset customer they simply need to fix the problem and properly satisfy the upset customer as best you can before they try to ruin your reputation anymore than they already have.

The fourth reason is identifying influencers. Using social media monitoring it will allow brands to see who and has the biggest positive impact on your company. Those are the people companies will want on their side. Brands will need to answer and market their products to those customers

The last reason social media monitoring will benefit companies is because it will allow them to learn what works. By monitoring your social medias you can see what post people are responding to more and then you can continue to make similar post.


Entertaining and Educating

Discussion boards can be a helpful tool when I have a question and want to get someone else’s opinion. Especially as a college student, I really enjoy when we had to post in Blackboard’s discussion board, because it will give you the opinion of your class mates. I’m always interested in what other people think about a specific topic.

Colouful speech bubbles

Of course there are plenty of other discussion boards, for example: Yahoo Answers.
I don’t know about you, but Yahoo answers can be very entertaining at times. I usually take discussion boards seriously, but there are times where I go to Yahoo Answers to be entertained.
Honestly though, we probably all have had the experience of reading the most ridiculous question or answer on a discussion board – specifically the Yahoo discussion board.

Typically people take it seriously, which is great because you can read and learn about great vacation places, or best dining experiences, computer related things and so much more. There are so many chances to learn about new things, random things and interesting things.

There are a lot more discussion board websites than we probably are aware of. All it takes is a little research, some time to read and you’ll probably get hooked on reading questions and responses.

Happy discussing,