Making The Best Out Of Your Twitter Account

Twitter is fun. Everyone loves Twitter. All of your friends are on it, constantly tweeting their thoughts and what they’re doing. You all tweet your inside jokes and funny pictures you find. But Twitter can be so much more than just fun! Using Twitter efficiently can really help your brand stand out and become even better. To keep your Twitter interesting to your audience, use a variety of different tweets. Joel Comm, in his book Twitter Power 2.0, lists the six types of tweets:

1. Classic Tweets: “This is what I’m doing now.”

2. Opinion Tweets: “This is what I’m thinking now.”

3. Mission Accomplished Tweets: “This is what I’ve just done.”

4. Entertainment Tweets: “I’m making you laugh now.”

5. Question Tweets: “Can you help me do something now?”

6. Picture Tweets: “Look at what I’ve been doing.”

This list is a very straightforward way of showing the types of tweets you can send. Use a variety of them to keep things interesting! Even better, combine some of them to make super tweets! For instance, posting a funny picture would be a picture tweet and an entertainment tweet. One of my absolute favorite brands on Twitter, Denny’s, always has a variety of funny, interesting tweets.

Their tweet above from a few days ago is an example of an entertainment and picture tweet. Their Twitter feed often features a variety of funny, relatable tweets that always draws people in. Even I have found myself going to eat at Denny’s just because I love how great their Twitter is.

There are a few more tips, though, that can really help you in making the best out of your Twitter account. One very important one is, as Search Engine Watch says, avoid abusive hashtag hijacking. They couldn’t have said it better. The best advice I could give anyone starting out on Twitter is do not overuse hashtags! Take a second to do a little research and figure out exactly what hashtags are if you’re not sure (I’ve even written an article on them!) Excessive hashtagging can annoy your followers, and using hashtags that have no relevance to your tweets can seriously harm your credibility. Take advantage of hashtags, but do it in the right way.

Another really good tip they gave was to interact with the media when you don’t need them. Reply to their tweets, retweet their tweets, and share stuff with them. You can work on building a good relationship with them simply by interacting with them on a regular basis. This is what Twitter is for! Pay attention to even just these few tips I’ve listed, and your Twitter page will see immense improvements.



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