The Art of Microblogging

When I first read the term “microblogging” I thought I had no idea what it meant. As I read further into it, I realized that I microblog frequently. Twitter is considered microblogging. Basically all it is, is blogging but a lot shorter – usually limited to a certain amount of characters.

After some research about microblogging I found multiple different microblogging sites. presented us the top 10 key players in microblogging, in 2007.

  1. Twitter
  2. Pounce
  3. Tumblr
  4. Jaiku
  5. MySay
  6. Hictu
  7. Moodmill
  8. Frazr
  9. IRateMyDay
  10. Emotionr

Honestly, the only one I’ve ever heard of is Twitter. According to the article, Jaiku was Twitter’s biggest competitor, but by January 2012 it was shut down after Google tried to make it more popular and it didn’t succeed.

Let’s compare microblogging with regular blogging. A regular blog, like this one, can have 1,000 words or more. Microblogging lets you condense this huge article into one or two short sentences and just link to the bigger blog.

2015-03-03 08.45.43

That will create less clutter for you as a user. It can also help you keep your email more spam-free. Instead of subscribing to all kinds of blogs and other newsletters, I can go on Twitter, search for interesting things, or just look over my “news feed,” and click on what looks or sounds interesting.

“Micro-blogging isn’t a short-term trend – it is here to stay. The evolution of blogging has spawned this new mini version of blogging and many are latching on. The simplicity and ability to post frequently are what attract most to the concept. We expect much faster adoption and mainstream penetration than blogging in general,” says Aidan Henry at

In 2014 the list of microblogging sites were slightly different than in 2007. So Henry’s quote has some truth to it. Microblogging will stay alive, although the platforms may change.

At the end of the day microblogging makes things a lot easier for all of us. It’s short and sweet. We get real-time updates, and we can search for more things that interest us.

Happy microblogging,



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