The Guide

Microblogging????? We all know how much we love twitter! Everyone is getting adapted to the world of microblogging and fast. Microblogging is a a brief update about what is going on and letting the world know what you have to say. Twitter is the most popular of the microblogging world and now everyone wants a piece of the action. Twitter is not only for people to express their feelings in 140 characters, but companies are starting to use social medias to inform people.

Now, we are starting to see microblogging being used for feed back, this article tells us what microblogging is and how to use it.

A few tips that this article list are basic tips.

-Consider your audience : Your feed is open to the public, make sure you are not giving out personal information. BE SMART. Remember that you are posting something to the public, make sure that there is a point to it. Allow your audience to connect with you.

-Post regularly, but not too often : Make sure you post regularly, users do not want to get bored with your page or feel as though you’ve been neglecting it. Make you sure you are keeping in touch with what is going on. Also, do not post EVERY TWO SECONDS. Your audience could see this and instantly get irritated or feel as though you post way too much and unfollow.

-Do not include personal details in an open broadcast : Seriously, if your page is open to the public, do not post your exact location, it may not end very well. Lets all be safe online PLEASE!

-Turn OFF alerts that do not feed you : ALWAYS get a feed sent to you by text of email. Getting alerts is a great way to stay in touch. When choosing who to get alerts from, make sure that it is something that will feed you and that is important to you. Nothing is worse than getting constant emails about something that doesn’t concern you.

This article is a little old and it really just gives you a quick rundown on how things should be started off. Although times have changed drastically, this article still list the basics.



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