Entertaining and Educating

Discussion boards can be a helpful tool when I have a question and want to get someone else’s opinion. Especially as a college student, I really enjoy when we had to post in Blackboard’s discussion board, because it will give you the opinion of your class mates. I’m always interested in what other people think about a specific topic.

Colouful speech bubbles

Of course there are plenty of other discussion boards, for example: Yahoo Answers.
I don’t know about you, but Yahoo answers can be very entertaining at times. I usually take discussion boards seriously, but there are times where I go to Yahoo Answers to be entertained.
Honestly though, we probably all have had the experience of reading the most ridiculous question or answer on a discussion board – specifically the Yahoo discussion board.

Typically people take it seriously, which is great because you can read and learn about great vacation places, or best dining experiences, computer related things and so much more. There are so many chances to learn about new things, random things and interesting things.

There are a lot more discussion board websites than we probably are aware of. All it takes is a little research, some time to read and you’ll probably get hooked on reading questions and responses.

Happy discussing,



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