Using Reddit for Your Business

Reddit has some of the best and weirdest stuff on the internet. Its front page holds the most popular topics at the time, and it is all curated by users. A story or topic will be posted, and users can add to the conversation by commenting and commenting on other comments (it can get pretty complicated.) The idea is simple, which is part of why Reddit has become so popular. Reddit also holds a wide audience, which can make it appealing to large businesses. But tread lightly, because Redditors know when they are trying to be sold. Any Reddit action should be as customer relations only!

Before you run and start using Reddit, consider who your audience is. Most likely, if you run communications for a small town business, you probably won’t need Reddit. But if you are with a larger company with many internet-savvy customers, Reddit may have some use for you.

Here are a few reasons I came up with on why your business could use Reddit:

monitor your audience– Reddit has many users with all kinds of interests. SubReddits are threads discussing specific interests that users may have, everything from teaching English to antique cars. Monitoring threads that are relevant to your industry are a great way to get feedback, free research and even keep an eye on what they’re saying about your competition.

customer service- A subReddit is a great way to talk directly with customers and help them with questions and problems. If your company creates a subReddit, make it clear to users that it is not to sell something. Unpopular subReddits can just make things worse for your company image.

hold an ama– I LOVE reading AMA’s. AMA stands for “Ask me anything.” Basically, a user says “I am a -insert title- AMA,” and users ask all sorts of questions. Examples of AMA’s are this grandma and the most interesting man in the world. This is a great way for brands to get involved with their audience and make a great relationship with them. Be prepared for all kinds of questions and make sure this is something that aligns with your company’s goals. Again, use this ONLY to engage your audience, not to sell something!

This great article from FrogDog further explains how Reddit works, including who uses it and whether it is right for your business.

So if I have sparked your interest, go explore Reddit! There is all kinds of interesting stuff on there. Here’s a random quote about the internet that I found while browsing, you may want to keep this in mind:

“The most rewarding mindset to have while exploring the internet is one of respect and understanding. When you find something you don’t like, understand that it’s there because some weirdo likes it, and respect that they have as much right to the internet as you and I do.” -BigWiggly1



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