PR people aka little spies

So you want to travel to Italy. You probably won’t search for airplane tickets on Facebook. You won’t check your availability on your watch.

Similarly, as PR people, we won’t find the answers to social media engagement at the bottom of an apple juice box.

We can’t look for information in the wrong places. Without proper monitoring, our client’s social media efforts can find its way to the landfill.

If you’re not monitoring, you’re missing the point. Let a Mashable article tell us why we need some major eyes on our consumers (and fellow companies):

Crisis Management
Thanks to Adam Horn, we all know how stressful a crisis can be. How does an airline handle a crash? How does a school district handle a school shooting? A sex scandal? These are the extremes, but even the “smallest” should be considered a big deal and be given the same attention. Social media monitoring allows a company to analyze consumer thoughts before, during and after any crisis. Do people agree with what the media may be telling them? Do people still want to engage with your company? Finding and addressing opinions on social media ensures a quick response – control the crisis.

Influencer Identification
We have to know what platform is most relevant and helpful in certain situations. This goes back to the landfill thing – our efforts are trash unless administered correctly. Look where people engage most heavily

Building Relationships with Media and Customers
A response from a brand speaks volumes. Monitoring the conversation surrounding your company demands response.

As for reporters, the relationship is key. Engaging in real life with some lets others feel more comfortable reaching out for a story.

If you’re not willing to make friends, get out of your job (but what do I know?)

Creative Feedback and Ad Targeting
After online shopping (browsing) for clothes I can’t and shouldn’t buy, the store’s ads are EVERYWHERE. AND! it is featuring the beautiful dress I was just looking at!

It’s sort of weird. I can’t deny that it hasn’t pulled me back in either. They’re using tools such as Hootsuite, Social Mention or PinAlerts to follow our every click . . .

Give the people what they want! But don’t be creepy . . .



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