Why and How to Monitor Social Media



In today’s world, we spend many hours on social media. People use social media personally and professionally. It is important to monitor social media in both circumstances, but it especially critical in a professional setting/business.

Monitoring social media can help you understand your customers, competitors and your own social media strategy – if you have one – which you should as a business.

Below is a short list of reasons why you, as a business, should monitor your social media platforms. You can find the entire article here.

  1. Is Your Social Media Plan Working For You? (not listed in above article)

    First things first. If you have created a social media campaign or social media plan, you want to evaluate regularly to ensure your plan is being carried out the way you hoped.
    If you’re not gaining the followers you planned on, or if you’re not posting as much as you wanted to, or if you don’t see any unique visitors, then it might be a good idea to rethink your plan/strategies.
  2. Respond to Complaints and Praises

    With Web2.0 it is incredibly important that you always monitor what your customers have to say to and about you. Just a couple of negative comments can set a snowball effect of negative comments, as well as a decrease in sales, followers, etc.
    Make sure that you comment on the complaint and praise. Consumers like to see a brand being active and proactive.
  3. What’s What

    Be aware of which social media platform works best for your brand/company. If you notice Facebook is more active than your Twitter, then either

    a) Rethink your social media plan/strategies
    b) Use Facebook to drive more people to your Twitter as well

  4. Monitor Competition

    How many like brands are on social media? Do you follow them? Do you read their posts/blogs/tweets?
    All this is very important for you as a brand/business. Now I’m not encouraging you to copy them, but compare them to yourself or vice versa. Fix what needs to be fixed accordingly – that doesn’t mean you have to fix anything.


There are many ways of monitoring your social media. There are tools that make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to gathering all the info you need to successfully monitor your social media. Online you can find and article about the Top 10 Social Media Monitoring Tools.

My favorite tools are:

  1. Google Analytics

    Google Analytics will monitor the traffic on your social media. It shows you how many people clicked on a certain post, where the people were from and even how long they were on that specific post/page. There are a lot more benefits if you use Google Analytics. It’s fairly simple to set up, although I recommend it more for brands/businesses who have many different, active social media accounts.

  2. Hootsuite

    Hootsuite is an amazing tool. It lets you schedule social media posts, as well as track and monitor social media. There are different versions of it. The free version is plenty for a small to midsize business.

Now that you know why you should monitor social media, and how you can social media, I hope you have loads of fun exploring.

Happy Monitoring,



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