Is Monitoring Important ? YES !

Who knew monitoring would become so important on social media? Who knew there would be a bunch of ways to easily monitor a brand’s social media? NOT ME, until now.

Keeping an eye on a brands social media channels is becoming more and more crucial for companies to be successful. Monitoring a brands social media is way more than just making sure their brand is posting the correct things, its about building and maintaining your brand. By using social media, a brand can receive positive or negative feedback at any time. All of this feedback can help build a brand tremendously, you just have to watch it.

This article gives five reasons as to why monitoring social media is essential for PR.

The first reason being that public relations is all about interpretation and anticipation of the public and their attitudes on things. By monitoring social medias it allows brands to take a look at all the feedback from consumers, negative or positive, and grow from them. If the feed back is negative it will allow the brand to jump up and fix the problem that they are getting the negative feedback from. By doing this, a brand could possibly prevent a future crisis.

The second reason being that social media monitoring is crucial during the marketing research. In order to to find a companies target audience they need to monitor their social media pages in order to find out what their online habits are.

The third reason is by social media monitoring a company can reply back to their customers. Companies can be interactive with their customers and once they post about a problem they may be having the company can instantly get back to them.

The fourth reason being that watching social medias can help companies in the future. They can provide information that can tell companies which social media were most effective and had the most post. They also determine which topics drove conversations between their consumers.

The last reason is that social media monitoring is a good way to turn complaints and negative feedback into positive publicly. After a company may get a bad review by someone on social media, by talking with them publicly and finding a way to make things better for the customer, it will allow other users to see how important it to the company to satisfy the customer.

There are plenty of social media monitoring websites, some that cost money and some that are completely free. It is up to the company to realize that motoring social media can be one of the most important things they can do to help build their company.


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