Where do We Fit In?

Crisis communication planning is something that almost every organization has in mind, or at least SHOULD have in mind. Most organizations have it all written down as to what they will do if a crisis does come into play. They should have all the basis covered down to a tee. However, now that times are changing, have these organizations adapted? Since social media has come into play, have these organizations included it their crisis communication plan? Do they even know how to utilize their social media during a crisis? This article discusses where social media actually fits in.
There have been a few findings that were reported in a 2014 survey :

-Increases in social media usage overall
-Decreases in the number of organizations using social media to communicate with employees
-More than half of the respondents feel the benefits of using social media as a crisis communications tool outweigh the risk
-Yet 60% of organizations have no strategy or plan in place for using social media during a crisis
-Nearly 62% of respondents plan to use social media monitoring during a crisis
-Only 17% report having a centralized team in place to analyze and disseminate relevant information
-58% of the respondents rate mobile technologies as absolutely as absolutely vital in executing crisis communications plans
-90% of respondents feel that YouTube is not useful or only somewhat useful in communications during a crisis.

These reports show that there has been a increase in the value of social media, but it also highlights that there are concerns with using social media during crisis. If there is a lack of planning, everything could go down the drain.

Currently, the way social media is being look at is a monitoring tool. Brands can use social media to monitor what people are saying about their brands and what things need to be addressed the most. It is not about gathering as much data as you possibly can, it is about understanding what your data is trying to tell you.



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