We’ve all seen them. The picture of a couple adventuring, the (embarrassing) picture our old high school friends post on every social site possible or the picture of a celebrity at 2 years old. #Hashtags give us an excuse to post certain kinds of pictures every week.

Yep, some are:

#ThrowbackThursday – #ManCrushMonday – #TransformationTuesday – #SelfieSunday

You name the day, it probably has multiple associated hashtags.

Like PR people so often do, these “normal people” uses for social media are transformed into another tool used to reach audiences on social media. Being relevant as a company on social media is effective and irreplaceable.

This PR Daily article lists some of the common hashtags business’ use for their advantage. May PR pros forever be the hippest (start with making up words).

I don’t think Monday’s will ever lose their rep for being lame. While hating Monday’s probably isn’t the best way to spend 52 days of a year, a lot of people relate to a “case of the Monday’s.

Tuesday is the perfect day to show off any recent changes in your company – an office renovation, a new design, brand or product – people love seeing the process.

Posting about health and wellness continues to rise in popularity. Whether it’s a gym selfie or a picture of the latest kale-based meal someone made, Instagram is becoming a place for health nuts to congregate. Show Insta how your company is implementing wellness into the office.

Cue baby pictures. Maybe it’s your CEO’s first birthday or your first client meeting – bring back the memories with this hashtag.

#FollowFriday or #FF
This is an opportunity for you to boast about your industry partners. Encourage YOUR followers to follow a supporting business or important person. Maybe the favor will be returned?

For some reason (and I think we all really know why: cats are the cutest) cats are the most popular animal on social media. Don’t only post pictures of your CEO’s cat – have a “bring your cat to work” day! And then hire me.

Now is your time to shine. Be creative with this one. Use it to highlight a volunteer, client, or donor of the month.


Hashtag away!



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