What’s Next?

The future terrifies me. My fear is that 50 or so years from now I will be living out Fahrenheit 451 in a concrete jungle that has no trees or wild animals. Maybe that’s far fetched, but at the rate social media is growing, the future is coming faster than we realize.

Social media is no longer in its infancy. The early 2000’s were when social media was this novel, exciting thing, but today it is ingrained into most (if not all) aspects of our lives.  As this article says, “Even the term social media itself is beginning to feel dated; the communications it refers to have become so ingrained into our everyday existences that the phrase seems redundant, like ‘color TV’ or ‘cordless phone.'”

So what’s my prediction? I think that social media will become even more integrated into daily life. As much as I hate it, it’s almost impossible to function in society without a smartphone. I think technology and social media will become almost as important to us as oxygen or food. With the invention of Google Glass, it appears that one day we will see the world through a literal lens of  technology.

As professionals, this means we need to stay ahead of the game and constantly be in the know on how to better reach our audience. If people are beginning to get their information through a smart watch, then we need to figure out how to reach them that way.  If Facebook is no longer the leader in social sharing, we need to know what is. This list of blogs can keep you in the know about the latest trends and how to create better content.

And now I will open the floor to suggestions for renaming “social media.”



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