Now What ?

As we all know we are living in a world where social media is constantly changing. There will always be something new or better that will catch peoples attention. A few years from now, Facebook could be in the past and a new social media outlet will be the top dog. Although this can very well happen, it may take a while to see what social media outlet will become the next top dog. However, this article explains the 9 social media trends to be on the look out for in 2015.

1.) Something smarter and more personalized : Brands will be spending less time and money to create and develop new platforms and content, instead they will be spending their time looking at what contents are working and which ones are not.

2.) More metrics : Using metrics is in efforts to personalize social media. It is tracking performances of users.

3.) More money will be flowing into social media : Social media companies will be making more money in 2015. Many brands know that more and more people are spending their time on social media and that is where they will need to target. Brands will pay millions of dollars in order to have their products promoted on multiple social media sites.

4.) Social media companies will become more than just networks : A simple example for this is Facebook. Facebook is a created website that is a social network and they also have apps connected to it. However, now Facebook is allowing advertisers to use their social graph which is a profile database that will reach other people in other places.

5.) Continued converged media : There have been plenty of social advertising on social network sites and there will be plenty more. Platforms like Snapchat are coming with their own ad products.

6.) More mistakes : There will be more mistakes that will be made. People may begin to overthink things and make problems that do not exist.

7.) Mobile First : Mobile has been looked at as the second screen, right after computers. However, in 2015 mobile may take the first place position with mobile-only.

8.) Visual Brand language : Apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Vine, and amore have the visual element in social media. Instagram had a 4.2% engagement rate compared to Facebook’s 0.07% and Twitter’s 0.03%. Easily put, post with images do better than post without.

9.) Breakouts : It may be that some of the top social media platforms will be the ones that revolve around images, messaging and video.

No one knows what exactly will come of social media in the future, but from the looks of it, it will still come strong.



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